Tuesday, November 16, 2010

amazing grace

what is it about death that makes us appreciate life so much?

is it that we are reminded of our own mortality? probably.

there's just something about attending a funeral during the thanksgiving season that makes it harder and easier at the same time. 

heaven gained a sweet lady yesterday when jesus called mrs. evelyn sutherland home.  though i never had the pleasure of meeting her before she became ill, i know she was a wonderful woman--i see it in my husband's eyes when he tells stories about her.

death is a funny thing. it's hard for the living, but a blessing for those who now find themselves in the presence of God and the loved ones that passed before them.  i like to think that my own grandmothers were at the pearly gates to greet mrs. evelyn.  my jojo will take her dancing on the golden streets of heaven and let her eat ice cream in bed (if they ever rest in heaven.). my gram will crochet her a warm blanket and cut her the perfect piece of watermelon.

though it was a hard day, i was thankful to be a part of it.  i was glad that i was there to hold david's hand, to hug his mom, to pat his brother's back.

i loved hearing people talk about mrs. evelyn's smile.  david's smile has the same effect on me: it's contagious.  it soothes my mind.  i've said it before: he makes my heart sing.

i imagine he has a lot of sutherland in him.

today, i was reminded of the of blessings i have received this year. my husband is the first--being a part of his loving family, to have in-laws that love and accept my own parents so effortlessly, is a close second.

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  1. I love the image of eating ice cream in bed jojo :)
    What a joy it will be to join them all one day!