Tuesday, September 28, 2010

butch and george

we live in a little house in montgomery.  we play in the backyard, dressing up the dogs in clothes, cooking "soup" made from wild onions that grow in the backyard.
we give live performances in the kitchen, then later on the backporch after daddy has redone it and decided to keep the christmas lights on year round so we can have these "shows" at night.

we close the hallway door and make our side of the house a big play area. she gets in the hamper and we play post office.

years later, we move to georgia. we know no one. we do countless puzzles on the new hardwood floors.

sixteen months later, we move again. we spend six months having to share a room for the first time in a tiny apartment, and don't speak to each other after the first one.

i graduate high school. go off to college. come home to find that she has helped herself to stuff that wouldn't fit in my dorm room. she calls to tell me she got her drivers license, and i cry. she is growing up.

i graduate from college. get married. she is my maid of honor.

i move away. lose touch with everyone, including myself. i can't come to her college graduation. i cry on the phone while listening to them announce her name as she crosses to stage to accept her degree.

i move back. i visit her apartment. we giggle and reconnect.

i fall apart.

she rides with my father on saturdays to visit me at the creek. she sends me letters, telling me i am beautiful and strong.

she is my baby sister. all grown up.

she dutifully plays maid of honor one last time, this time with an engagement ring on her hand and a smile on her heart.

aside from my parents, she has been my biggest cheerleader through life.

i get to walk down the aisle again on saturday. this time, as her matron of honor. i tell myself i won't cry, but i know i will. seeing her in her bridal gown has already brought me to tears in the salon.

i wish her and jacob all the happiness in the world.

maybe, one day, we'll both have little girls who can dress up their dogs and make onion soup together.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the list you won't understand

so, you won't understand most of this post--it's mainly for our memories alone.

here are some highlights from the reception and honeymoon...

1. "now kimberly, i want to be in bed before midnight." riiiiiiiiiight....
2. "um, i want to drink something tonight. how do i do that?"
3. tats
4. hubby redoing flower arrangements (i hate martin flowers)
5. david did a hoedown dance, and the footloose dance
6. kegstands
7. piano man
8. after party!
9. harper drove us home. 'nuff said
10. apparently, i slept at the foot of the bed. in my wedding dress.
11. hubby dumped water on my still drunk self to wake me up for the plane ride
12. watched "bed intruder" while waiting for first flight. a great idea at 5:45 am when you're still slightly tipsy.
13. david got intimate with the plane bathroom
14. the driver on the way to the resort played really bad eighties music in his van. and sang along. cue "we are the world"
15. eurotrash girl
16. the russian mafia
17. "how do you feel?" "VERY SEXY!"
18. 2, yes 2, porn channels in the room (for free!!)
19. "bingo! bingo! mamasita in cancun!"
20. "alabama!"
21. "i'd rather ____ that wheelchair than your _____"
22. can't decide on an appetizer? order 2 entrees!
23. battle wounds
24. "wow! this magnification mirror makes my junk look HUGE!"
25. accidentally see the jersey housewives girl on free porn channel. gross.
26. the butt show
27. the ice ice baby couple
28. smalls
29. the cool shower
30. plunge pool ;)
31. all you can eat ice cream machine
32. michael jackson show
33. mexican william shatner
34. "i want something fruity. sure, bring me that."
35. monkey drinks!
36. grateful we didn't do the kayak excursion
38. "holy $#%! that is cold!"
39. $25 sunscreen
40. "you conspired against me with the cashier."
41. cuban cigars
42. smooth operator (snap, snap, snap, snap--to no apparent beat whatsoever)
43. room service breakfast
44. "mrs. farr" (giggle, giggle, blush)
45. oreos, m&m's, snickers, lays in the room!
46. coke "light"
47. "drink more tequila. you speak-a better espanol."
48. random hermit crab
49. swing bed!
50.  "what's manlier than scotch and lambchops?  two scotches and lambchops!"
51.  mini-beer shot coming out kimberly's nose
52.  still intoxicated kimberly eating sausage for the first time in years
53.  fernando the iguana
54.  the spiciest ceviche ever
55.  so we have a little problem...no, it might be fixed...wait, just kidding...9hrs later we take off for miami
56.  two people from alabama eating at a bubba gump's in cancun
57.  being the only english speaking people in the US CITIZENS!! customs line in miami
58.  coming home to kimberly's panties still in the shower from the week before
59.  to this day, kimberly still can't find her wedding shoes

Thursday, September 2, 2010

so, i've been putting off this blog post simply because i am afraid that i cannot find the words to adequately express my immense amount of joy.  well, that and the fact that i knew just attempting this would bring me to tears. {sniff}

on august 20, 2010 i realized what it means to marry your best friend.  the one person who understands you better than anyone else.  the person who you want by your side no matter what is happening.

to think that after 14 years the LORD brought a childhood crush back into my life.

and he was the one.  i just knew it.  i felt it in my soul.  and everything he did and said confirmed it.

seeing him for the first time that day, we both got a bit teary, but there wasn't any crying.  more than anything, i was just so very excited.  taking pictures was miserable for the most part, but i felt so beautiful when david looked at me that i hardly even cared. (for this, i can only speak for myself)

we mingled before the ceremony, and promptly at six, our family sat down and waited.

as "how beautiful" played softly in the chapel, david's grandmother and our mothers were seated, david's dad took his place beside him, and my sister played the role of maid of honor.

during the last stanza, daddy walked me down the aisle, telling me how happy he was before we appeared in the chapel foyer.  this time, there was no asking if i was sure this was what i wanted to do.  we both knew how right it was.

the ceremony was short, but so very special.  our childhood minister spoke softly about our story.  our fathers read the verses we had selected, with mine reading Romans 5:1-, the one that has carried me through the past 3 years.

as we recited our vows and exchanged rings, my heart was so full that i was completely unaware of anyone else in the room.  it was just us.  even thinking of it now makes my throat catch.

love is unpredictable.  it sometimes makes no sense at first, only to turn into the simplest of concepts.

david is my one true love.  my partner for life.  hearing him pledge to be with me forever was the most romantic experience i could have ever imagined. 

i know that in another ten years, i will reflect upon this day and think, "wow. and i thought we loved each other so much back then."

in my opinion, this makes me the world's luckiest girl.